Best GPS For Truckers 2018 – Top 7 GPS Units

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If you are a short haul trucker or a haul driver, you are surely looking for the best GPS for truckers.Best GPS For Truckers

The Best Truck GPS units are able to give you information on weigh stations, fuel stations and construction ahead.

In addition to, upcoming dangers, keep you abreast on real time traffic situations and closed roadways.

With the frequent upgrade on the different GPS models, deciding on one that is best for you can be overwhelming.

With a truck GPS you can be able to locate your destination without having to get lost, this is made possible with its comprehensive mapping software.

You can therefore be able to reach your destinations quicker and easier.

In this review we take a look at things that you ought to consider before getting a GPS; review the best truck GPS for truckers that are available in the market that you can choose from.

Buyers Guide on The Best Trucking GPS Devices

Maps and Storage

When choosing a trucking GPS, map support and the overall storage are key aspects that you need to consider.

Majority of the truck GPS navigation system comes with lifetime maps. This mean when your brand updates the maps, you will be able to access them at no cost.

Google mapping, Rand McNally and Fleetmatics are some of the best mapping systems available for truckers.

You can have mapping features, which includes turn by turn direction and verbal street name. Not to forget re-routing system; which helps the driver in case they miss a turn.

The presence of a map and storage system in your device is very vital; you do not want to make investments on a system that will require you to pay extra on map updates.

Put into consideration the storage space, this is very important as every update or addition of a new map region will take up your storage space.

It’s therefore essential that you go for a model that has enough space.


When it comes to connectivity, it involves your device’s interaction with other devices or the internet.

Having a device that is able to automatically update through the Wi-Fi is preferred.

This is because the devise takes less time to update and not every truck driver takes their computer on the road, some do not even own a computer.

There are individuals who update through a computer connection as long as it saves them money.

Some trucking GPS devices take it to the next level; they are able to integrate with your smartphone, allowing you to write and hear text and make calls through the GPS’s microphone and speaker.

Screen Size and Other Specs

Check the general and objective specs of a truck GPS before you go for a particular one. Special features in truck GPS device is important, although you need to first ensure that the basic features are able to match up to your needs.

One of the basic specs to consider is the screen size, for instance having a large screen make it easy for you to view and input information.

A smaller screen on the other hand, leaves more of the dash open. Which screen is better for you is determined by your personal preference.

Most individuals go for a middle of the road approach, which is able to balance the dashes real estate and the screen size.

Other people prefer to have more space in the cab while others go for more space on the screen.

Traffic Alerts

With the continual update of navigation systems, drivers are able to receive information on road construction sites, detours and traffic accident locations just to mention a few.

There are truck specific units which give you details on road description and alerts for a sharp curve, narrow roads or steep incline. The road alerts are able to give truck drivers information on costs and toll road sites.

Some devices have lane assist capabilities; this is because they are able to relay the proper lane to be used when travelling on a complex highway.

The systems also come with weather related data, which shows the current and future weather conditions and road conditions of specific areas.


It’s important that you go for a GPS system with logging capabilities.  The GPS should be able to report your fuel usage, maintenance interval and you’re Hours of Service.

Having these reports in your GPS system helps you to automatically log into your logs; thus being able to reduce the paperwork to be done.

The GPS system is also capable of keeping log data for multiple drivers who are using the same vehicle. This is possible as the data are exported after every single trip made.


Price is something you really need to consider before you purchase a GPS device. You will need a GPS device that has a lot of features, which is geared to the truck driver.

Go for a GPS device that will not require you to pay subscription fee or upcharges for its use.

A Comparison Table of Best GPS Device

Device Name Best Feature MSRP Price
Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD 7-Inch GPS Navigator It has the ability of customized routing; it’s able to inform you of the size and total weight of your truck. $399
Rand McNally TND740 LM IntelliRoute 7-Inch GPS Truck Navigator The device is able to calculate toll road costs in advance. $400
ZGIANT 7-Inch Multifunctional Car Truck Navigation GPS This GPS is able to double as an android tablet $99.99
TomTom Trucker 620 Its lifetime traffic is able to offer you road information and the real time traffic; thus saving you the fuel money and time on your commutes $329.99
TruckWaysGPS-Model 720 Pro Series The device has a high definition of 800*480pixels and 7 inches LCD touchscreen. $149.97
Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System This device is quite easy to use as it has minimal features and an affordable price $196.45
TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device You can be able to preplan your route, be able to predict your traffic conditions in advance $199.99


Gold Medal Goes To: Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD 7-Inch GPS Navigator– large screen display GPS device.

This truck GPS device has a 7 inch HD screen, which allows drivers to be able to see and understand through the use of the screen.

This device has a trailer and truck service directory; that enables truckers to search for places of interest and brands that she or he wants at a time.

With this device drivers can search for restaurants and shops that are popular by the use of the Foursquare. The device is able to inform you of fuel usage among other necessities.

The Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD has the ability of customized routing; it’s able to inform you of the size and total weight of your truck.

Its GPS system is more costly compared to other models; although considering its upcharge basing on its features and functionality its price is worth it.

  • It’s ideal for owner operators and long haul drivers
  • It has details about fuel and truck performance
  • The device has a solid and durable construction
  • It uses maps application in order to give accurate information about the truck
  • It has a bigger 7 inch HD screen
  • It has a good battery life and stability
  • Its battery life is not very good
  • The device is not able to search using a zip code.
  • It’s a bit boring especially on long drives due to its few features


The Runner Up: Rand McNally TND740 LM IntelliRoute 7-Inch GPS Truck Navigator- the best GPS device for your money.

The Rand McNally TND740 LM IntelliRoute 7-Inches GPS Truck Navigator was specifically design for truck drivers. This device comes with features required when you are hauling big loads all over the country.

You will be able to reach your destination with ease; being able to identify any traffic issue that may come up along the way.

The device is able to calculate toll road costs in advance. Its upgradable service package allows you to transform the Rand McNally TND740 LM IntelliRoute 7_Inches GPS Truck Navigator to a complete GPS system.

The system will have fuel usage, vehicle maintenance, tracking hours and you will also be able to receive notifications and warnings of road closure or low bridges; therefore, ensuring that you are safe.

With the absence of the upgrade feature; this device offers enough useful features for it to be named among the best truck GPS devices available in the market.

You will be able to connect this device to your truck’s speaker, which allows you to be able to hear areas where you need to go slow.

The Rand McNally TND740 LM IntelliRoute 7-Inches GPS Truck Navigator has a lane guidance which is displayed on its high resolution display.

Be sure to take advantage of this. It’s also able to sync with Rand McNally DriverConnect platform and it’s loaded with Rand McNally apps.

  • It’s simple to use
  • Its backup camera is compatible
  • It also has audio functionality with the truck speakers
  • It has a fast processing speed
  • This device requires the upgrade feature for full truck driver functionality and features.

The Bronze Choice:  TomTom Trucker 620- the best commercial truck GPS

The TomTom Trucker 620 truck GPS helps you in navigating; hence, allowing you to avoid sharp turns and narrow strips and be able to calculate the best route for you.

This GPS device is also able to support your software update for a lifetime.
Its lifetime traffic is able to offer you road information and the real time traffic, thus saving you the fuel money and time on your daily commutes.

You are able to avoid sudden braking; the device keeps you alert on imminent traffic wherever you are. It’s also able to inform you on areas prone to accidents; therefore all you need to do is to keep checking your GPS to know accident hotspots and traffic status.

Pair the device with a smartphone in order to activate live services for instance traffic. You will also be able to place and receive hands free calling and get your smartphone messages aloud.

Its lifetime maps come with the maps of United States of America and Canada with no cost. You will also be able to access gas stations, restaurants, restrooms and motels among other POIs.

Continue to update your software and maps through the built in Wi-Fi. With the MyDrive you can be able to plot a route anywhere and anytime. With customized trips you will have preferred stops and roads. You can start driving by syncing the routes to your truck GPS.

  • It has an easy mount included, it can be dash or windshield
  • It has a large display
  • It has hands free calling feature
  • It has a lifetime map and traffic updates
  • You can connect to your phone for traffic and speed camera information
  • It has a voice control
  • Its screen viewing angles are not up to par
  • Its internal battery does not last for long

Our Fourth Choice: TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device- the latest GPS Device model.

The TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device is ideal for truck drivers who have a predetermined time of arriving at a particular place.

With this kind of navigation device, you can be able to preplan your route, be able to predict your traffic conditions more than a day early in advance. You will be able to save your preferred routes and destinations into the device.

The only thing that is missing from TomTom 600 GPS device is the ability of conducting your local amenities search.

You are required to preload destinations into the device which makes it not to become a viable option for the long haul drivers.

In the event that you are a day trip drivers, you will find this device ideal for you. This is because;

it’s able to give you a quicker route when you have construction or traffic backed up delays. You are required to specify the type of vehicle that you are driving in order to ensure that you get a more efficient route.

The TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device has the ability of multifunctioning; you can be able to use it for your personal use.

Other features that the device has is a customizable truck routes and route planning, vehicle specification inputs, a 4-in-1 options in selecting your vehicle type, a weight of 10.6 oz. and the ability to save points of interest or favorite locations.


  • It allows you to arrive on time through its preplanned routes
  • The device allows you to save your favorite options
  • It’s able to predict the traffic of your destination place in advance
  • The device lacks amenity search feature
  • It also does not have truck driver awareness notifications

Our Fifth Choice:  TruckWaysGPS-Model 720 Pro Series- the best truck GPS for long hauls

The TruckWayGPS-Model 720 Pro Series is a Built in truck GPS, which is suitable for long distance driving. This GPS is best for drivers who spend a lot hours behind the wheel.

The device has a high definition of 800*480pixels and 7 inches LCD touchscreen.

The device is quite easy to use; it provides the driver with the best help that he would get from a GPS device.  The GPS is customizable depending on the truckers needs; it’s able to warn other truckers of a low bridge or a road sign.

Its real GPS navigation device is able to show an excellent view of 3D structures through the 3D maps. With TruckWayGPS you will be able to access lifetime maps for Canada and Unite States of America. The maps can be easily updated and are very accurate.

  • The device has a customizable interface for easy usage
  • It’s able to help in finding accurate directions without glitches or lags
  • The device is fast and easy to understand
  • It has a large screen which helps truckers to read their notification off the screen.
  • The device does not have any special features; 
  • it’s not able to search for restaurants and other places.
  • It does not have internet connection;
    you therefore need to rely on its offline usage

Our 6th Choice: ZGIANT 7-Inch Multifunctional Car Truck Navigation GPS- the best GPS device video recorder

Are you looking to record your drivers’ safety while on the road? The ZGIANT 7 inch Multifunctional Car Truck Navigation GPS is what you need.

The ZGIANT 7 inch Multifunctional Car Truck Navigation GPS is able to record road driving, it’s able to keep an eye on the drivers around you and the roadway.

With this device you have a record video of any accident that might happen; hence, you have the proof of any accident or theft situations.

The ZGIANT 7 inches has an HD screen enabling to view 3D or 2D images. In the event that you are not driving; you can use the device to search through the internet, letting it entertain you with its wireless capabilities. The best part of this GPS device is that it can double as an android tablet.

Other features that this device has are; it’s GPS and DVIR capabilities and its 3-in-1 system. The GPS has 512MB RAM and 16GB space of storage. It’s able to detect motion and its 8.8 oz. in weight.

  • It’s a Google map capable
  • You can be able to record your driving activity.
  • It has a multifunction use that is as a tablet
  • It has a large screen display
  • You can be able to search the internet with the device
  • The device lacks logging functionality
  • No warning notifications

Our Sixth Choice:  Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System- the best truck driver GPS.

Are you a first time user of GPS devices and are not comfortable in using technological devices?  The Garmin Nuvi 57Lm GPS Navigator System is ideal for you.

This device is quite easy to use as it has minimal features and it goes for an affordable price. You can navigate your routes; pair the GPS system with your back up camera in order to have a total view of the rear end.

The GPS system does not have additional features for the truck driver. It’s simple to use capability makes it functional to most drivers.

It has a smaller screen display than you may prefer, despite this it is still among the best truck GPS that you can find in the market. This is especially so for individuals who have not had a navigation system before.

The Garmin Nuvi also has a lifetime map updates, landmark and destination search, search for nearby amenities through the use of Foursquare. It weighs 6.4 oz. with lane assist functionality and an up head feature.

  • It simple to use
  • Its back up camera is compatible
  • It has an easy and friendly navigation
  • It does not have an amenity search feature
  • No truck awareness notifications


When you are going for a GPS device, you want a device that will make your life on the road easy. Before you go and make a purchase, it is very important that you consider the features that you find essential and check to see if the device that you are eyeing has those features in particular.

In these review we have some of the best truck GPS devices that are on the market, which are specifically design for truck drivers.

All you need to do is go through them a pick one that is able to meet the needs of your driver. It’s recommended that before you buy one consider some of the factors mentioned earlier.

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